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Survivor Redemption Island – Episode 12

BOSTON ROB RULES THE ROOST! MIKE MAKES A MIGHTY MOVE! And, ANDREA’S OFF TO MAKE PEACE WITH MATT. While there was, once again, no surprises, tonight’s episode was one of the season’s best. First of all, this immunity challenge was by far the most physically challenging of any challenge ever. Running up and down steep stairs, carrying heavy boards,…

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Survivor Redemption Island – Episode 10

PHILLIP GOES RACIAL ABOUT RICE! First Phillip steals rice from the old Zapatera Tribe, and then he goes ballistic because they don’t wanna’ share their rice with him! Steve, who played professional NFL football with more blacks than whites, became the object of Phillip’s racial slurs. His illogical logic speaks solely to his racist belief about white guys. His…

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Survivor Redemption Island – Episode 9

THE GOD FATHER RULES! If I didn’t like Boston Rob so much, I’d be screaming “What the #@%!??”. Every kid in the world understands the “Buddy System”. The anchor goes deep into loyalty and trust without ever saying a word! Rob is brilliant! “You have to tell me everything. It’s my game. I’m in charge! Rob’s got ‘em on…

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