Survivor Redemption Island – Episode 14

MISTAKES HAVE BEEN MADE AND TONIGHT WAS ONE OF THEM! There’s ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, and large seeds in avocados. But the worst mistake ever was voting Grant off the show! The most beautiful person to play this game got ousted. For the first time, I’m on my knees begging the Great Do Dah, Ga Ga to spare Grant at Redemption Island. PLEASE LET GRANT BACK IN THIS GAME!!!

There is nothing about this game that allows truly deserving people to make it to the end. Rob is amazing, and he deserves to win Redemption Island. However, there is absolutely nothing about Ashley, Natalie, and Phillip that deserves to be heading into the final four. They have ridin’ the coat tails of Rob all the way. They giggle and squirm like the little Bow Heads that they are, then stuff themselves and do some light Paris Hilton pucking! And then we have to endure their pit picking and pit sniffing! Where did they get those scissors to cut each other’s pit hairs?! These sisters are close and could be very dangerous to Rob. If they team up with Phillip on Sunday, Rob will have to play his idol…the one that most of us have forgotten about!

I could rage about Crazy Phillip and his “being well read” for hours, but it’s a cheap way to put flesh on the bones of this blog! We couldn’t possibly be more OVER a person than we are Phillip. He brags on his silly self more than most people stare at their own zits! While I’m pullin’ for Rob to finally win Survivor, I’m kinda’ p.o.ed him for making us endure Phillip and his pink panties this long. Guys like Phillip make me want to turn into a Republican! He is just Butt Crap Crazy. I wish I knew how to underline on this computer!

The jury is stacked against Rob and everyone else on Ometepe. If Matt makes it back into the game, he could win it. If Grant makes it back into the game he could win it. Sweet Grant has made no real enemies. He’s been as under the radar as a beautiful, great athlete could be. His love for his “wife to be” was more touching than the entire “family visits” last week. That’s one lucky girl! As a friend of mine said, “we just want his picture on our desk”!

Matt ‘iced’ Andrea at Redemption Island and the hairy man got sent back to Loser’s camp. Matt’s starting to puck me out with his “I’m sorry I ruined your Survivor experience” BS to Andrea. Gotta’ remember that he’s just a kid. It’s time for him to go home!

FYI: Rumor has it that Rob has a new show on the History Channel.