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How a Tiny Little Tattoo Saves My Life I’ve circled the sun 75 times. For the most part, I find the aging process delightful. I no longer shave my legs or underarms. Others opinions are “other’s opinions”. What they think has little to do with me. I never wake up with an alarm clock, and I nap when I…

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Little Annie

A Story of Appreciation by:  Scout Cloud Lee (excerpt from Scout’s Honor) At the turn of the 20th century there existed a small town whose major employer was a state institution.  In the old days it was called an “insane asylum”.  An old lady worked in the cafeteria and had all of her adult life.  She was just four…

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Sing, Write, And Mow The Grass!

CBS Survivor Vanuatu Finalist, Dr. Scout Cloud Lee,  Speaks Out About Surviving Cancer.  How she did it became A FORMULA FOR GETTING WHAT YOU REALLY, REALLY, REALLY WANT.             Long before I made it through the grueling casting process of being selected as a cast away on the hit CBS show, Survivor Vanuatu, I had already survived a death…

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