Sing, Write, And Mow The Grass!

CBS Survivor Vanuatu Finalist, Dr. Scout Cloud Lee,  Speaks Out About Surviving Cancer.  How she did it became A FORMULA FOR GETTING WHAT YOU REALLY, REALLY, REALLY WANT.             Long before I made it through the grueling casting process of being selected as a cast away on the hit CBS show, Survivor Vanuatu, I had already survived a death…

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Survivor One World – Finale

THE “BEST WOMAN WON!”  I can almost hear the clink, clink, clink of champagne glasses all over the world!  Finally, FINALLY a women’s alliance held strong to the very end. There’s hope, redemption, and the amazing power of one woman to hold a FOCUS come hell or high water!  Kim completely stopped the world for me in those final…

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Survivor One World – Episode 13

THE GAME IS NO LONGER ‘A FOOT’!  Miraculously, 64 year old Greg Smith, AKA TARZAN, made a mark for himself by being “the last man standing”.  He made a noble effort to “put himself” in the mix, but it didn’t fly with the women. Tarzan creates a true conundrum.  On the one hand, he’s humble and wise.  Except when…

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