Survivor Redemption Island – Episode 6

HERE’S HOPING GOD’S TOO BUSY IN JAPAN TO CARE ABOUT A LOUSEY GAME OF TABLE MAZE! Hey Fans, if we’re all gonna’ pray for “God’s Will to be done” let’s Abba Dabba Do and Shazam Phillip right off that island! In fact, let’s give him his own planet far, far, far away! Was that an AMEN!!

No surprises that Stephanie is off to meet her fate on Redemption Island. She and Krista jumped in the Devil’s Den with Russell and will have hell to pay. If we’re gonna’ “glorify God” with this episode let’s shout HALLELUJAH that our TRUST WORTHY Sarita won out over little miss “suck it up, yuck, yuck”. I’m pretty certain Matt will kick Stephanie’s ass on Redemption Island.

There’s no doubt that Sarita got a little wake up call from a few cast mates. That “uptown girl” thing has got to go! Steve’s diplomacy was evident in his kind way of telling Sarita that she’s a lazy prima donna. Hopefully she got the message.

Will someone please tell me where Ashley and Natalie got the scissors to “clip pit hairs”? And what about those fancy spoons and cups? Any of our Survivor family feel a little mistreated during our season? We drank from shells and bamboo scraps. Must be something special CBS is doing for all those “Uptown girls”. You know, the ones’ that are “just hangin’. The one’s who are givin’ NO LOVE to Phillip…and worse yet, “ZERO CREDIT”. One thing is for certain. No one ever needs to give Phillip “credit” because he gives himself ALL THE CREDIT! With his gorilla and dragon, and his newly assigned “STEALTH R US” alliance, he needs nothing. However, Boston Rob and Grant need to be forewarned:

“Heaven has no fury” like a friggin’ SECRET agent who can’t keep his mouth shut. If one believes in love, act lovingly. If one believes in peace, act peaceably. If one believes in every which way, then act every which way, and if one believe in “duty, honor, and country” then act like it. SHUT UP AND DON’T STAND BY ME, Phillip! Ashley is not the only one who’s totally OVER PHILLIP! He may “smile” for a while, but I’m guessing he won’t be the one kicking ass in this game.

Julie is showing up to play the game. She’s the exact opposite of “up town”. She leaves it all in the dirt! I’d love to see her get in the final four.

Grant is a very smooth wave on the beaches of Survivor! If I picked one person to emulate season, it’d be Grant. He’s the whole package! He’s right out in the open with the focus of a jaguar, and he’s rolling in under the radar. He’s a sure bet to win it if he gets before the jury. What a beautiful athlete for us to watch this season!

Rob’s lovin’ the heat that Phillip is stoking. It keeps the focus off his back. I wonder how long he can play peace maker and wise old sage? His best line yet was about Phillip….”Government jobs are stressful”.

The beaches are beautiful. The duals on Redemption Island are glacially slow and boring in comparison to the blood and guts we expected to see, the reward dinner with Jesus was the finest ever. Jeff Probst is still a cutie. See you next week when Stephanie gets her butt kicked off so she, Krista, and Russell can commiserate at Loser’s Camp.