Survivor One World – Finale

THE “BEST WOMAN WON!”  I can almost hear the clink, clink, clink of champagne glasses all over the world!  Finally, FINALLY a women’s alliance held strong to the very end.

There’s hope, redemption, and the amazing power of one woman to hold a FOCUS come hell or high water!  Kim completely stopped the world for me in those final moments of winning yet another immunity challenge. Numerous times Kim would come from behind to win, again and again. She is now the most talented woman to ever play this game.

Kim packaged up all the ingredients of success:

  1. She cultivated high quality relationships with everyone.
  2. She avoided pitching fits and falling in them.
  3. She held her focus on the end game from the very beginning of the game.
  4. She master-minded strategy with calm resolve.  She was blistering, blindly smart with every move she made.
  5. She made the really big and risky moves with courage.
  6. She poured on the athleticism.
  7. She refused to settle for less, and was smart enough to keep her emotions tucked safely in a strait jacket.
  8. She was savvy enough to pull Miss Big Mouth Puerto Rico in close and keep her there.
  9. She challenged herself to make good decisions and then made them.
  10. She kicked everyone’s ass without a single boastful slur.

She did nothing to make her have to crawl through a swamp of shame like Colton and Alicia.  Kim is a Number Ten Woman, with skill, technique, kindness, and FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS!  I’m betting her ex-husband is now wishing he could have been a wind at her back!  Let’s see, was that one million dollars, plus another $100,000?!!

For the very first time in Survivor history, my favorite top three landed in the top three.  Sabrina is a masterful, beautiful model of eloquent speech and kindness.  She does, however, need to pick up the pace on pitching in around camp.  Chelsea was a cutie and a strong alliance for Kim.  I loved that Kim chose to take the top strongest players with her to the end.  She didn’t cop out by screwing the good players so she could land at the end with slugs.  She took risks all the way to the end, while proving that great leaders have great people with them.  In every sense of the word, Kim dominated this game and has put herself as the front runner woman in Survivor.  Hats off to Kim and all for a Great Season!