Survivor One World – Episode 13

THE GAME IS NO LONGER ‘A FOOT’!  Miraculously, 64 year old Greg Smith, AKA TARZAN, made a mark for himself by being “the last man standing”.  He made a noble effort to “put himself” in the mix, but it didn’t fly with the women.

Tarzan creates a true conundrum.  On the one hand, he’s humble and wise.  Except when he’s totally out in left field with Kat’s panties on his head and her tank top stretched into oblivion so he could wear it to Tribal.  The ‘panties’ on his head made our little Boo Hoo Bow Head (Kat) cry.  I would think she’d be more inclined to be really, really, REALLY pissed at the dirty old man!  Oh well, there’ll be no car shocks for the good doctor!!!

Chelsea couldn’t be happier to have Tarzan back at Loser’s Camp.  “Tarzan needs to get the hell off our island before he drives me totally crazy!”  I think I could have endured his antics a lot better than watching him parade around in those bikini skivvies.  Gross!

This episode was the last chance the tribe had to blindside Kim.  If Alicia and Sabrina would have convinced Tarzan and Christine to join them in a surprise vote for Kim, this game would have turned upside down.  Alas, Kim didn’t have immunity.

Kim and Chelsea totally have each other’s back.  If Kim and Chelsea end up in the final three together, Chelsea has a good chance of beating Kim.  Ya’ gotta’ wonder at what point the “I Love you” and “if I have to send Chelsea home, it’ll be my worst night here” pales in the face of one million dollars!  It’s true friendships are made on this game, but at the end of the day, and year down the road, that friendship is teeny weeny in the face of what a million dollars can do to change one’s life.

Kim made an excellent point regarding cleanliness.  Being dirty for 33 days and then getting clean clothes and hair, does wonders for helping us recover from the filth we lived in.  Being pampered helps us remember who we are at a soul level.  We had to love Kim when she ‘named and claimed’ that she hardly knows herself when she’s telling the truth.  She’s playing the very dangerous game of playing both sides.

How true it is, that no one will trust her if she is outed  for lying.

The self proclaimed “Queen of the social game”, Alicia, needs to cover her big fat butt and keep her mouth shut.  She might be a ‘Ghetto Puerto Rican’, but she’s durn sure not ‘the most powerful player in this game!  Of course, we all know I’ve wanted her arrogant self ousted from the first episode.  She’s kinda’ like a big ole’ booger wiped on a wall, and painted over.  It’s nastiness that never got dealt with. Urggggg!  Alicia ain’t near as highfalutin as she thinks she is.  She basically turns us to urp inside.

It’s pretty funny to watch Troyzan on the jury.  He’s a loser and he still thinks he’s a prize stallion on a stud farm.

I’m still pulling for Kim or Sabrina.  I’m so hoping Sabrina can pull out an immunity in a last ditch effort to win.  She’s by far the wisest person in the game. I’m looking forward to meeting her at one of our Survivor events.

Finally, even tho’ Tarzan is butt sh_t crazy, he got a good laugh outta’ me on his way out of the game:  “HOLD THE APPLAUSE, LADIES!”  May the best woman win!