Survivor One World – Episode 12

“BLIND SIDES ARE FUN AND EXCITING!” Famous last words of our speechless, astonished, bewildered, pitiful boo hoo, whining, wimpy, sobbing whimpering, wailing, griping, annoying, pathetic little cutsie poo 22 year old, selfish Kat.

Bye Bye, So Long,  and Good Riddance!! I do believe that Kat finally learned something!  “SHE’S THE MOST NAÏVE PERSON ON THE PLANET!”  Hellllloooooo! Relief fell from the sky like a warm spring rain when she pranced her shocked little self off to loser’s camp. Send the baby girl home and cast her for Big Brother where she can play out her high school drama with lots of company. There will be some hallelujah’s rolling down the beach tonight! I don’t really think she’ll think blindsides are fun and exciting anymore.  I must confess that I framed Kat’s moment of demise and hung on the wall of my mind. Pride does, indeed, come before a fall! She was derailed, blindsided, and blown out of the game.

Gotta’ give Kat credit for winning the reward challenge with the help of her cousin. While others faulted her for taking Kim and Alicia, it really would not have made any difference. Kat has been unstable for most of the game. A wobbling fence rider is a dangerous player and she was next to go no matter what.  Even the slightest uncertainty about a person can become a barrier against trust.  I can almost taste the morning dew waking up in camp without Kat.

I’m guessing Tarzan will be next, even though he’s kissing up to Kim, the “Boss Lady”. While he is the last man standing, he is still a man, and that male dominated jury will throw votes his way.  Just for the record, will someone please tell me exactly what is a “Quantum Entanglement?”  Tarzan is Terry’s “everything”, and it looks like he’s practiced his plastic surgery on her. I wonder if it’s possible to have a face lift and still be able to smile without looking like you’re being shoved thru a birth canal face first.

Sabrina has raised the bar around camp. She’s appears to be working harder since being called out as the one who does the least.  I’m still loving her wisdom: “I appreciate honesty. That’s when people get my respect”.  Sabrina will need to win some immunities to stay in the game.  There’s no doubt that she’s a risk to take to the final three. She’s managed to stay in good relations with everyone.  Sabrina is an oasis of wisdom in the middle of the sands of daily dullness.  I’m hoping to get to know her at our reunion events.

Kim is going to have to pull out immunity for the rest of the game. The best people to take to the final three are Alicia and Christina.  However, it remains to be seen if Kim can turn on Chelsea.  Alicia continues to demean Christina, who continues to take it on the chin.  I’m starting to think Christina’s a saint. One thing is for certain.  Christina is not stupid!

Back to Kim.  She’s my blue ribbon, milk chocolate, hearts and flowers,  winner’s circle champion all the way to the finish line. She’s takes chances.  Thinks big. Thinks wide. Thinks deep. Thinks far. I’ve got a lot of hippidy-dippidy-doo-dah and whoopee to share when she becomes the last girl standing. Do I make myself clear?!