Survivor One World – Episode 11

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!  Now “who’s island is it, Troyzan?” I wonder if he regrets saying “Don’t f__k with me. This is my island”!  Of course, most of us don’t regret saying anything unless it ruins our lives…or costs us a million dollars!

It’s just the truth:  What goes around comes around and bites you in the butt!  Gratefully Troyzan has used up his tenure on our island.   It was obvious from the moment Troy lost the challenge, he did NOT have an idol.  He was devastated.  He had the biggest hang dog look ever!  However, he never gave up an opportunity to “get inside” the heads of Kat and Christina.  He worked ‘em up one side and down another.  However, again the women prevailed and are well on their way to pulling off the only solid women’s alliance in the game.

Kim has emerged as one cool, calm cucumber!  She’s not only a tough competitor, she’s a master strategist and emotionally steady as a rock.  There’s no doubt that she meant it when she said “winning today made for my worst day in the game”.  The reward challenge is one of the most revealing challenges in the game of Survivor. The strong exit first.  The weak must face themselves.  The lazy get exposed.  And winners are predicted inside the question “who would you most like to be stranded with on the island”?  Kim, of course!  Tonight, this game was all about Kim.  She won reward.  She won immunity.  She won the hearts of America.  Her glee is genuine without pomposity.

As for Kat, “Shut up and don’t sit near me!”  Can someone please send her to the corner!  As for any illusion that she might be running the game, pleeeeeaaaaszzzzeeeee!    There’s not a chance of a snowball in hell that anyone would consider her a real player in this game.  “Save your drama for yo’ Mama, little girl!”  Let’s not be surprised to see Tarzan stay in this game longer than big Boo Hoo

Baby Kat.  She’s one of the walking wounded, which makes her dangerous.  Everyone knows that “victims always become persecutors, right?” Too bad someone doesn’t snatch her up by her lop sided hair do and explain that we just don’t put up with that pouting crap.

Alicia has something going for her that I’m missing.  Obviously being civil, nice, or kind is not a card she plays.  So how does she get off measuring Christina’s IQ as Zero!  However, she seems to have scrambled her way to the top of the peaking order, inside the circle with Kim and Chelsea.  I personally think she’ll turn faster than McDonald’s fries, when the time is right.

I’ve been hoping that Sabrina would make it to the final three, but tonight revealed a consensus about her “uselessness” in camp.  It’s not a good thing to be deemed lazy.

Tarzan rejoined us on Planet Earth for the challenge and made a pretty good showing for an old fella’.  We loved the slip sliding away challenge.  Besides knocking the crap outta’ ya’, it was actually pretty sexy!

As always the rain reminded me of Vanuatu as did the pig.  Strange that no one just jumped on the little fella’ and tackled him to the ground like we did in Vanuatu.

And finally, a moment of stark truth from Sabrina:  “People just don’t forget how you make them feel”!  Ain’t it the truth!