Survivor One World – Episode 10

LIEF’S LAST SUPPER. Our sweet, lit’ man chowed down on a protein shake and bananas just prior to getting kicked off the island. In his own words, “I essentially gave it my all. I have no regrets”.

Leif will be remembered for his height and his “givin’ it all, every day in every way”. He can take pride in knowing that he was deemed more of a physical threat than Tarzan, who, if anyone noticed, “Voted with the women!”

At long last Tarzan said something intelligent! To Troyzan after his immunity win, he said, “Be noble in your win.” Tarzan actually boded very well in the immunity challenge, coming very close to shutting out Troyzan.

We’re down to six woman against two men. Troyzan made a logical argument with members of the old Manono Tribe. He vowed to vote with them if they would take out Kim. Unless hell freezes over before next week, Troyzan lost his last chance to turn the game upside down. The women’s alliance held solid. I’m lovin’ it! Additonally Troyzan dug himself a huge hole, jumped it in, and then ranted enough to build gigantic stone walls that put him on one side and everyone else on the other.

Humility usually bodes well in this game. However, Troyzan has worked himself into a sweaty lather proclaiming “the island to be his!” His lethal tongue just might motivate him to win every challenge, which is exactly what he now must do! “This is my island! You don’t beat me!” His first loss is his ticket to loserville! Thumbs under his arm, cocky, bobbing his head, cluckling, preening, and espousing his magnificence is gonna’ seem really silly when he loses the next challenge. He’ll be a “fuggedaboud’im” kinda’ guy perched on the Jury bench. Remember Tom the fireman? He also had to win every challenge to make it to the end, and he did it with humility and kindness.

As for Chelsea, Kim, and Sabrina, go ahead and beam, gush, and preen. These three women are ‘da bomb’ in every way! Any of the three deserve to win it. At this point, it best to pick a path with a solid women’s alliance, and stick to the plan. One of those women need to find that immunity idol asap! However, no matter how much planning the women do, one tiny miscalculation, one moment of distraction, can end it all in an instant. This game can go south in a heart beat.

I’m lovin’ Sabrina and her wisdom. At tribal she reminds Troyzan that he needs “to be somewhat likeable”! Ain’t that the truth. Let Troyzan rant and rail and leave the ladies slack jawed. As we say in Oklahoma, “us girls just don’t cotton to puffed up, humorless, arrogant idiots who’s scowl of disdain could peel paint off a barn!”

Back to Tarzan. The old boy spent all his money for a letter from home. He won my heart in that one act. This time of the game is the most vulnerable. Tears come easy when we’ve been separated from those we love. The game is still afoot and either Tarzan or Troyzan is next to go. Stay tuned!