Survivor One World – Episode 8

THE GAME IS ‘AFOOT’ AND MIKE GOT PLAYED! Mike is gone, but it’s alright because he is very forgettable. Sometimes a boat needs to rock, head straight for the storm and come out the other side.

The women finally rocked the boat and took charge of their own destinies by pulling off a major blindside of the men. This episode was a humdinger, doozy! Now if the women can stick together through the pouring rain, they’ve got a chance at making SURVIVOR HISTORY by being the only true “Women’s Alliance” to begin and end TOGETHER.

Kim and Sabrina are showing themselves to be blistering, blindly smart. So is Jay. The country boy took the slow and steady calculated strategy for completing the puzzle which he admittedly hated,…and won immunity for himself. He seems to be the only one who “gets” the women. However, it’s probably too little, too late. The country boy just “doesn’t have a good vib going on with the women”. He’s right not to. We gotta’ love his “country as cactus” way of strategizing. “Ya’ gotta’ just keep smackin’ ‘em like a teacher to make sure everyone is on the same page”.

The women will have to “suck up” the man bashing that’s coming and then continue to knock out the men. Hopefully they keep our little man, Lief, until the last male vote.

If I were there, I’d take out Jay the very first time he fails to get immunity. Then I’d go for Troyzan. Lief and Tarzan are certainly not threats in the immunity challenges. However, Tarzan is full of cockamamie #$%&#@# BS and he thinks there are no social rules for great souls like him. At Tribal, the “Tarzan Rant” is worth the price of the ticket. The ole’ boy doesn’t seem to know his butt from Taco Bueno! As a plastic surgeon, I’m not sure he’s even worth the hide it’d take to make a wallet!

Chelsea called it for Tarzan. “The most educated have no common sense”. Tarzan is surprisingly immature for an old guy. “Don’t have attitude with me. I just can’t take it”. Waaa Waaaa! As for his whining, “Shut up and don’t stand by me!” I wonder if Chelsea knows that millions of people didn’t suspect that she had a BOOB JOB until she declared it on National Television! However, I’m starting to believe that “having a BOOB JOB is a requirement for women to get on the show.

The camera keeps showing us TIKIANO as the tribal flag, but in truth, it’s now the women versus Salini. There have been so many tribal names in this game that I’ve lost track. Hmmmm.

The Giant Water Slide to the ocean was kick butt as was the last, very complicated puzzle. Hats off to John Kirhoffer of the Dream Team for thinking up this stuff. We’ve also gotta’ hand it to the camera crew who gets close enough to those giant bats and rats to film them. So far, the steak and seven up reward is the best yet.

Kim called it like it is. When you’re hungry and dehydrated you can NOT think!

Didn’t Sabrina make a nice prayer! She blessed all who are hungry because she now knows the feeling. Purrrrfect. I’m usually annoyed by public displays of religion, but she pulled off a very sweet universal prayer.

Life is sparkling in every direction for our women. They can almost be heard purrrrrrrring! Hopefully, they’ll hang together as a Women’s Alliance all the way to the finish line.