Survivor One World – Episode 6

Survivor One World Turned on a Dime! Isn’t it amazing that life’s paradigms can shift in the space between breaths! Only yesterday I huddled up with die hard Survivor fans to chant and rant, “Send Colton home”!

God is so Good, Ladies and Gentlemen! Karma came back to bite Colton in the butt (or appendix), and the little Queen went out on a stretcher clinging tightly to his immunity idol. I suppose he thinks he can keep it for a souvenir, but the production crew will snatch it from his finger tips and sell it on eBay. You can bet your last nickel it’ll be the hottest item in town on the streets of San Francisco! Need I mention my glee at seeing mean, mean tarty-tongued Alicia wither away when Colton left with the idol and she realized she might be next to leave! Thank the Force for hope, redemption, and the transformative power of karma!

Tonight’s show brought relief like warm spring rains. However, the real show stopper was Christina. In the midst of some of the meanest, most vile attacks in the history of Survivor from both Colton and Alicia, Christina remained soft spoken, calm, kind, and determined to “never, never, quit”. Then in an act of true compassion, she cradled baby Colton and comforted him through his pain. She even ran for help when he collapsed in the woods. We saw something so amazing in her behavior that we can’t stop thinking about her. I don’t believe that she will be the ultimate Survivor, but she will win the hearts of people and she will be remembered for her deep and abiding beauty. Experiencing her is like standing in a pool of sunshine on a damp, chilly day. She is a warm and familiar place. She is solid. Blessed be the lucky person who finds a home in her heart. Perhaps someday Colton will wade through a swamp of shame for his behavior and beg for Christina’s forgiveness. The beautiful thing is that it is already given as evidenced by her compassion. Simply stated, Christine is like a rainbow you can reach out and touch.

Sabrina continues to be wise and brilliant. If the merge brings the women back together, perhaps Sabrina will make it to the final four. However, I don’t see true kinship returned to her from her cast mates. This is the first time in Survivor history that the merge has occurred with 12 people and even numbers. The game began with even numbers of men and women living together. It has returned to it’s beginnings.

As Tarzan says, “The Game is a foot” and Tarzan is a field! The old fella’ truly has bats in his belfry! Like they say in the south, “We just don’t cotton to a leathered face, humorless old man whose scowl could peel the paint off a barn”. The old boy is just no fun, and he’s crazier than Jack Crap! Leif and Jonas are adorable and Kat is a complete space cadet who is surviving on finger nails. She’s got what little she’s got and she’ll just have to deal with it!

With the viper gone, it’s time to knuckle down and get focused. Troyzan and Jay are sliding through under the radar. Now with individual immunity, they just might be a force to be reckoned with. Oh well, stay tuned. “The Game is A Foot!”