Survivor One World – Episode 5

ONE WORLD BECOMES TWO AND MANONO GETS THE SHORT END OF THE STICK! It’s recorded history that the men of Manono don’t know their butts from Kentucky Fried Chicken!

We’re still reeling after they all succumbed to Queen Colton’s stupid idea to relinquish immunity to the women. Now our Queen has spread his venom all over the new, pathetically weak blended Tribe of Manono. It’s obvious Colton thinks there are no rules for great souls like himself.

While Colton goes blah, blah, blah to the numb skulls on his new tribe, we’re feeling BLAH about this episode. The Queen continues to feed people numbing serum in their sleep which results in all of them being unable to create a plan to remove the “ass” of the snake or is it the venom? Perhaps the most interesting thing was to watch the lovely depiction of “think you will lose and then voila you lose!” Ta Da! Dreams really do come true!

Monica gets to go watch re-runs of her husband’s NFL greatness at the Ponderosa, while Colton continues to reduce everyone to appearing to have the IQ of a stump. So far Colby seems to have found a new flair for the game. Everyone else works as he flamboyantly sashays and swishes from person to person to plot his reign as the Ultimate Survivor. We will have to give him full credit for having absolutely no interest in being subtle and there appears to be no need. Makes us think of what a friend said once – “Do the obvious and no one will suspect or notice”! Hmmmm. He may truly have some kind of bewitching powers. Unfortunately it does appear some of his observations regarding the intellect of his peers seems warranted due to their response to HIM.

The eggs dividing the new tribes could seem to be a disadvantage to Manono, yet clearly it is an advantage to the Master Mind of the game. Get rid of the strong players before the merge (we’re going to lose any way ~~~~) and the puppets all nod in concert. It will be fun to meet some of these idiots later to ask “WHAT THE @#&%@ WERE YOU THINKING?”

Having the perspective of being on the show let’s us know this to be true: who you see on the screen is who you see in person! If you see Mr. Hickory dickory dock mock everyone out there, you can bet your last bite of coconut, Colton is running his mouth non-stop on the island. There is editing, but the composite picture reflects the truth. Who would guess that our One World Survivor Year Book would include a category for “Least Likeable is Most Likely to Succeed. “

Jeff could hardly keep a straight face when the Grand Dad with Alzheimers (Tarzan) babbled something unintelligible at Tribal. It’s amazing he does just scream out “OH MY GOD!”. It’s obvious the Colton and Tarzan have the courage to embody the exception rather than the rule!

Kim’s got the immunity idol, which I’m hoping helps her get to at least the final four. She, Chelsea, Sabrina and Jay seem like cool people. Jonas is willing to be Colton’s little Bitch as long as he stays on the island. While it seems that life is sparkling in every direction for the Queen, I’m almost giddy about the possibility of Colton turning the final page on his demise! Can’t wait to hear his loser’s speech at the final tribal! “He’s such a girl!” Exactly what does that mean? (Thanks to my ghost writer for some great thoughts).