Survivor One World – Episode 4

AN ENTIRE TRIBE GIVES AWAY IMMUNITY! Never before in Survivor History has an entire tribe given away immunity. After 24 seasons and over 400 tribals, we have seen THE STUPIDIST MOVE ON THE PLANET!

The Manono men pulled some BS about getting rid of sweet Leif who was cast as a traitor and gave their immunity idol to Salani, thus saving Alicia’s fanny from being kicked way off the island! Unfriggin’ believable!

Nelly little Colton has every single member of the MISFITS and the MUSCLES groveling at his despicable feet! I actually felt “sick to my stomach” watching grown men sniveling and cowering. The entire tribe of men are intimidated and afraid of one little gay guy! In the words of Charlie Brown, “Good Grief!” One minute the men are calling the women’s athletic excellence “dumb luck” and the challenge a “fluke” and the next minute they’re sucking up to Colton and actually enduring his immoral treatment of wise, wonderful Bill. Colton spouted “hate” and “murder” (serve his head up on a platter) and wanted the “munchkin knocked back to Oz”! Colton played the RACE CARD by saying “he has nothing against Blacks. He even has one as a housekeeper”! He doesn’t hang out with intolerant people (homophobic) who are uneducated and return home to their trailers. Did we actually hear him say, “I’m running the show! If you can’t see that you’re Helen Keller!” OMG!

I nearly hurled my cookies across the room when old Tarzan attempted to paint Colton as a misrepresented victim at Tribal. Any vague similarity between Colton and a decent human being is purely coincidental! Whoever told him to “just be himself” could not have given him worse advice! Colton is living proof that a person can actually survive without a heart. If his heart were chocolate, it wouldn’t fill up an M&M!

He’s acting like a great big turd in Mother Nature’s toilet!

What in heaven’s name kept that group of panty ass men from collectively voting Colton out? They could have so easily non-verbally notified each other that Colton was toast. It would have been an amazing blindside and Colton would not have played his idol. Colton is a pathetic little Deva Queen who is undoing the last three decades of progress made in re-defining alternative life styles!

Whatever hope Gays had of benefiting from this season, has been shot to hell in a hand basket! It’s lucky for us all that Colton will probably never breed.

Poor little Leif accidently spilled the beans to Bill. It was obvious that he surprised even himself. However, his innate integrity kicked in and he had to confess that Colton did want to vote Bill out. Then poor Leif had to tell Colton that he told. His goodness is too good for his own good!

Bill wins the award for one of the finest human beings to ever play this game. He knew that a one-person advantage was worth more than all the donuts at Dunkin’! Even when socially and verbally defiled by crude, rude Colton, he passionately defended his right to “follow his dream” without saying one ill or defensive remark at Tribal. His attempts to “connect” with Colton met with Ft. Knox defiance and a wall of resistance higher than Niagara! Hopefully, Bill’s speech at Tribal regarding FOLLOWING HIS DREAM will be preserved in Survivor History as the greatest speech ever given.

Alicia pitched a fit and fell in it when sweet Kat named and claimed her inability to work puzzles. Wasn’t it SWEET JUSTICE to see Alicia eat crow at a simple puzzle challenge that she couldn’t figure out! Her goose is probably cooked and she’ll be next to go. What goes around, comes around.

Why in God’s green earth did the girls not let the guys use the nets to fish. Hello! Jonas was raised casting nets. Let the boy fish! Good deeds return good, and bad deeds sour the best of grapes. How can a guy who offerts o fish be interpreted as a “Rude Dude”? Durrrrrrrrrh!

Sabrina is, by far the sharpest tack in the box! I’ve finally decided who I’d like to win it all, and it’s not Colton! Nope! It’s Sabrina. At the very least, I intend to get to know her at our Survivor events.

Hey, by the way Jay, you’re not the only one bumfuzzled by this crazy, crazy episode!