Survivor One World – Episode 3

BEING ARROGANT TAKES ITS TOLL ON OUR LEGAL EAGLE. Matt the Lawyer takes the first hit on the men’s Manano Tribe. Five underdogs is a majority in a cast of nine. HELLO!

How long does it take to figure out that this game is all about numbers and “alliances”! Matt, Mike, Jay and Bill might be cute as little bugs in a rug, but four against five is a losing number! In a word, a flaming gay guy is running this game, and though it may be by the emotional seat of his pants, Colton definitely has the helm of the One World Ship with both the men and the women’s tribes. One might criticize Colton til’ the cows come home, but he’s swished his fanny right into the driver’s seat.

Didn’t relief fall from the sky like the welcomed sunshine when the women finally out smarted the men in the memory puzzle! Apart from Boston Rob, the men just don’t compute, compute, compute when it comes to figuring out puzzles. Has that got any thing to do with Mars and Venus? Again, the women of Vanuatu kicked the men’s butt repeatedly with every memory and puzzle challenge we had. Gotta’ guess it’s brains over brawn!

Sabrina keeps showing up with an amazing talent for excellence. The breadth of her intellect and her unwavering focus has endeared her to me for good. If she keeps it up, I’ll have to bet all my pennies on her winning this season. So far, I’m convinced that she’s the sharpest pencil in the box! With her leadership, the women might actually get their groove on!

I was certain that Tarzan would get the boot, but he’s smart enough to see the value in Colton. I couldn’t believe that he asked to hear the rest of the votes. I thought everyone knew that Jeff reads all the different votes first before he drops the final bomb. Any remaining votes only confirm the demise of the person who’s torch is being snuffed.

By all standards, Bill completely suspended rational thinking in his oasis of exuberance at Tribal. What, exactly was the boy trying to say! If I didn’t know better, I’d say he was stoned on his butt. Perhaps it was simply an intoxication of naivete and idealism. Whatever it was, I didn’t buy it. Oh, by the way, I’m really bored with this season. Am I alone?

From experience I do know that everyone is friggin’ freezing. It’s horrible to be wet and cold with no warm clothes. Oh Well!