Survivor One World – Episode 2

BLAME IT ON THE BOOBS! The women of Salani needed the women of Vanuatu to pull off this challenge! The women of Vanuatu were BOOBS AHOY and we managed to kick butt and take names on this very same challenge.

Of course, absolutely nothing….I repeat myself…NOTHING IS WORKING FOR THE WOMEN of ONE WORLD. What the #%*@!! is going on with them! I’m with Kim and Monica on this one. It’s “Bow Heads” and “Valley Girls” all over again. It’s downright embarrassing for our gender to show up like this. While sweet, young Kat is making the ladies “look like frickin’ idiots” ,the “bag of rocks”, nippy, naggin’ Nina raised those trademark eyebrows one too many times. No doubt she’s a smart one, but without a single alliance, she couldn’t hold her own in a showdown with 5th graders or a “witless tribe run by a 20 year old”. At least her fat lip shrunk enough to make it easier for her to run her mouth at Tribal, which is always entertaining.

Sabrina took the plunge to accept the “Leadership Role” and then proved she had both brain and finesse to pull it off. Three cheers for her statement “logic and strategy trumps Rah! Rah!” Ain’t it the truth! She’s smart enough to know that a good leader lets others talk and she listens. She’s also smart enough to know that one who can’t control their emotions is a frickin’ liability! We gotta’ love her analogies: “We needed a tarp like a fat kid needs cake”. Looks like they are gonna’ be needing some rain cover very soon. Kim staked a claim as a force to reckon with when she finally opened her mouth at Tribal. The alliances are changing up and I’m hoping to see Chelsea, Kim, Monica, and Sabrina join forces to rid us of Alicia and Kat asap. Can we believe that Alicia told millions of people that she’d let Christina drown! OMG!

Colton is so much a loose cannon strutting his Drama Queen self back and forth with nothing to show for it….well, except for an immunity idol that he shows to Jonas. He went from “outta’ here” to a “to a ring leader”. Strangely, he seems to be bonding with the guys by standing in the winners circle. I’m “down” with the gen Y guys who are seemingly accepting of Colton’s very nelly ways. Good for them. Young people are so much more accepting today. I love that!

Will someone please explain to me why old men like to strip down and dance around in their underwear and show off their teeny, weeny whatchamacallit? Tarzan has some moves frighteningly similar to Phillip with the pink panties. Errrrg! Let us pray he gets his very crazy self voted out sooner than later.

Bill is easy on the eyes and a delight to watch. Let’s keep him around for a very long time! I can, however, do without Michael an