Survivor One World – Episode 7

CAN NOT COMPUTE! CAN NOT COMPUTE! CAN NOT COMPUTE! Jonas, voted off the Island? Really?

Well, at least we got to see the really, really nice Jonas who once declared, “I’ll be Colton’s bitch if it’ll keep me in the game”, come completely unglued with totally tetched Tarzan. He even threw the “F” bomb around a few times. Jonas’s demise didn’t seem fair, but then “fair” is a place to ride on rides, eat cotton candy and step in monkey poop! There really doesn’t seem to be much that is “fair” in Survivor, except perhaps the fact that Christina has a brief stay of execution.

Jonas almost always plays the card of being helpful and nice, so it was refreshing to hear him tell Crazy ole’ Tarzan to shut up and listen. Of course, as predictable as the cows coming home, he apologized! Jonas’s apology moved Tarzan to mild tears as he pledged his allegiance. NOT! Tarzan decided “to take his balls and go home!” “I don’t like him anymore, so I’m gonna’ remove my allegiance”. PLEEAASSE! Waa-Waa-Waa, said the little piggy, all the way home! It really does seem like Tarzan’s chromosomes slipped and fell on their butt somewhere along the beach.

Speaking of butts, did we really need to watch Tarzan try to convince Chelsea that the skid marks in his skivvies was chocolate? Does anyone believe that they boiled food in that pot after cooking doo doo outta’ Tarzan’s undies? I just don’t know if the ole’ boy is going to be able to join us back on Earth before the end of the show. If his Mama is still alive, someone should let her know that her son is depriving some poor village of their idiot!

Enter, stage left….Jay! Alas, the country boy made a brilliant statement. STICK WITH THE PLAN! “When you set a plan in place and it gets broken, all hell can break loose and come back to bite you in the butt”! Obviously the plan to maintain the Salani alliance and take out the old Manono worked. It also worked to take out the strongest player in the old Manono, even if he was the chief cook and bottle washer! Perhaps everyone will begin to get the drift regarding “alliances”. Once formed, they are hard to break. The really good news for Jonas is that Colton won’t be back at the Loser’s Camp to annoy the crap outta’ him. Since Colton didn’t make it to the Jury, he’ll be shipped to some obscure place to wait out the plane ride back to Alabama where his Mama can lick his little wounds!

Troyzan is getting a run of great luck. “The early bird gets the idol!” He’s pretty much guaranteed a spot in the final four now. However, with six women and only five men, the women could so easily ban together to knock off the men. However, let it be known that a “Women’s Allliance” has never taken hold in Survivor. Go figure!

Alicia is behaving herself for the moment. However, demons don’t go away. They just lie low for awhile. It seems that Alicia might be helpful in getting her “home girls” together for a big boy blindside. Now that Jonas is gone, I’d like to see The Great Big Bird of Fate lay a Big Egg Blind-side in the guy’s nest. It might enliven this game a bit. However, let me perfectly clear. I’m wild about little Lief! He’s a very tough competitor and a great cheerleader. I want him on my team! Can’t wait to meet his wife at the live finale. I’m also wild about Sabrina.

Kudo’s to John Kirfhoffer for more interesting challenges. Love the the Disc and Ball challenge! While TIKIANO as ONE TRIBE is a joke, I must admit that they painted the most beautiful flag of all seasons. Finally, can anyone believe that there are human being who have “gone under the knife” with Tarzan as their surgeon. Scary thought!!!!