Survivor One World – Episode 9

DIDN’T OUR GIRLS “PUT ON THEIR BIG GIRL PANTIES AND MAKE A BIG GIRL DECISION!  Now we’re in the game for real!  It’s a miracle! A women’s alliance has finally got a toe-hold in this game.

Tonight was a head on collision with shear brilliance.  Kim and Sabrina totally ROCKED MY WORLD!  You could almost hear clamped butts slam shut at tribal.  Waiting for the final vote was totally spell-binding.  Nothing seemed safe.  Everything was a risk.  The choices made were a matter of pure guts and glory.  And Kim reigned supreme!  Her idea to double back the bets paid off big time.  Jay is kaput and Troyzan got a major wake up call!  Kudos to him, however, for refusing to join the elite club of lame brains who left the game holding on to their immunity idols!

I kinda’ hated to see our country boy, Jay, leave the island.  Not only was he eye candy, he was the smartest of the men (which, at this point, isn’t saying much).  Jay left the game still believing in his two girls.  Bless his lil’ heart! Jay was a little like apple pie.  He goes down easy.  He’ll have a ball with Jonas and Mike back at Loser’s camp.

Sabrina finally gave some very smart advice to teeter-tottering Chelsea:  “Get your heart outta’ this game and put your brain back in”!  Gratefully Chelsea “loves money”!  That is, after all, the point of the game.

If we could harness the hot air coming out of gasbag Tarzan, we could power a hold lotta’ facials!  He’s a complete blithering nitwit!  Did we really hear him say that the crabs were beautiful color wise and architecturally?  Durrrrh!  Wouldn’t he have been a fun date?  Alas, he did deduce that “the girls are smarter than the boys”!  Otherwise, he’s just roaming around in his skivvies muttering “WHHHAATTTT’S SUUUUUPP?”  REALLY???  I guess we never get too old to learn something stupid.

Lief is a “come-to-life” happy little elf with skip-to-my-lou-my darlin’.  I’m wild about him!  Loved seeing him leap with joy over hamburgers and promises of being “less of a threat”.  Did he really believe himself to be a threat?  In truth, if he were to make it to the final two or three, he would be a tremendous threat.  He’s just an over all great American hero of a guy.

Young Kat has grown up before our very eyes.  Perhaps having so many strong women role models is having a superb effect on her.  There is no doubt that this experience will be life altering on Kat.

Troyzan is toast the first time he loses immunity.  Then we’ll say adios to Tarzan and Lief.  Then, the game gets interesting as the women whittle themselves down to the final two.  If God love me, those final two will be Kim and Sabrina.  However, we must always remember, “The game is afoot!”  Uh???