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Survivor One World – Episode 8

THE GAME IS ‘AFOOT’ AND MIKE GOT PLAYED! Mike is gone, but it’s alright because he is very forgettable. Sometimes a boat needs to rock, head straight for the storm and come out the other side. The women finally rocked the boat and took charge of their own destinies by pulling off a major blindside of the men. This…

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Survivor One World – Episode 7

CAN NOT COMPUTE! CAN NOT COMPUTE! CAN NOT COMPUTE! Jonas, voted off the Island? Really? Well, at least we got to see the really, really nice Jonas who once declared, “I’ll be Colton’s bitch if it’ll keep me in the game”, come completely unglued with totally tetched Tarzan. He even threw the “F” bomb around a few times. Jonas’s…

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Survivor One World – Episode 6

Survivor One World Turned on a Dime! Isn’t it amazing that life’s paradigms can shift in the space between breaths! Only yesterday I huddled up with die hard Survivor fans to chant and rant, “Send Colton home”! God is so Good, Ladies and Gentlemen! Karma came back to bite Colton in the butt (or appendix), and the little Queen went…

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Survivor One World – Episode 5

ONE WORLD BECOMES TWO AND MANONO GETS THE SHORT END OF THE STICK! It’s recorded history that the men of Manono don’t know their butts from Kentucky Fried Chicken! We’re still reeling after they all succumbed to Queen Colton’s stupid idea to relinquish immunity to the women. Now our Queen has spread his venom all over the new, pathetically…

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Survivor One World – Episode 4

AN ENTIRE TRIBE GIVES AWAY IMMUNITY! Never before in Survivor History has an entire tribe given away immunity. After 24 seasons and over 400 tribals, we have seen THE STUPIDIST MOVE ON THE PLANET! The Manono men pulled some BS about getting rid of sweet Leif who was cast as a traitor and gave their immunity idol to Salani,…

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