Survivor Redemption Island – Finale

Zippi Di ZappaDi Zoo! YeeHaa! Awesome! Bravo! Whooooooooooooohoooooooo! Hubba, hubba, hubba!

Shazam! Woop!Woop! DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR??? At long last I am thrilled, totally satisfied, and feeling as though we have now seen how SURVIVOR IS MEANT TO BE PLAYED! Who can ever match the play of Boston Rob?!!

Boston Rob never lost his focus. His head and heart were always in the game. He premeditated his moves like a Master of War, and pulled it off with stealth, cleverness, humor, and compassion. He is the shining example of “YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT TO DO IF YOU JUST STICK WITH IT LONG ENOUGH!” After six reality competitions spread over ten years of his life, Boston Rob emerged as the very deserving SOLE SURVIVOR and THE FAN FAVORITE!

His timing was impeccable. He brought the idol forward at the last opportunity to do so. Until then he only shared that he had it with the two women who could undo him. He won immunity challenges at just the right time, each one being extremely difficult.

Rob is a spectacular balance of cocky and compassionate. He understands human nature and plays it like a fine fiddle. His love of Amber and his two little daughters is all that exists “at the end of the day”. This makes his tactics understandable.

David’s speech at the final Tribal said it all. There was no one who deserved to win outside of Rob. He hurt Grant with a blindside, and in truth, “it’s just a game”. Obviously Grant would have been a threat at Tribal and in the final immunity challenges. The only two people to take to the final three had to be a 19 year old bimbo and a crazy, bonkers, loathed “special agent”.

Grant’s wound was deep and obvious at the reunion. Phillip was strangely quiet. Could it be that he humiliated himself and someone convinced him to keep him mouth shut? Or could it be that the casting directors are bringing him back to Survivor South Pacific? Who will be those two past players to return? Phillip? Matt? Or will it be a very deserving Bob Crowley or Yau Man? Redemption Island will be back along with an almost new cast. No matter who they are, it will be a very long time before we see a master play the game like Boston Rob! Thanks for the ride, Rob. It was a JOY!

P.S. Did any of you buy David’s girlfriend’s “yes” to a wedding proposal on national television? NOT!