Survivor Redemption Island – Episode 12

BOSTON ROB RULES THE ROOST! MIKE MAKES A MIGHTY MOVE! And, ANDREA’S OFF TO MAKE PEACE WITH MATT. While there was, once again, no surprises, tonight’s episode was one of the season’s best. First of all, this immunity challenge was by far the most physically challenging of any challenge ever. Running up and down steep stairs, carrying heavy boards, had to be skull numbing. Boston Rob got a hold of my heart tonight with his deep love for Amber and his children. Even mighty Grant couldn’t out perform Rob in his intense drive to win immunity for his family. He wants it bad.

It’s been ten years in the coming and his got my vote all the way to the end….. mostly because he’s a masterful player and slightly because it’s “in your face Russell!”. Eight more days and Rob’s still got the immunity idol. Rob’s tough. He’s savvy. He’s genuinely caring and convincingly fatherly to his close alliance, Natalie. There is no question that Jeff was right on, “Rob is literally carrying his family on his back”. Never, for a moment, does Boston Rob lose sight of the end result of the game. He knows that one tiny miscalculation, one moment of distraction, can end it all in an instant.

God boded quite well in tonight’s episode. Hairy Ralph didn’t see the value of Mike’s decision to gift the “Love” to all those who screwed him over, and Matt was almost drooling thinking that he was “the brother” that Mike was referring to. However, if Mike makes it to the final two or three, he is very likely to win this game. While he furthered his game by choosing to allow all of Ometepe to spend a day in camp with their family, he most likely made his choice based on what he believed to be true. Any choice to serve the larger whole is a morally right choice for Mike. He made his Mama proud! I’d like to think I’d have done the same thing.

Jeff is playing Phillip and his Great Grand Father’s Spirit for all it’s worth. I loved Jeff’s plea for one small “nugget” from old Grand Dad!

Phillip continues to be a soul sucking, high gag reflex, wall-to-wall GIVE ME A FRIGGIN’ BREAK freak. I once said that “only a mother could love him. Guess I’ll have to add a sister to the short list.

Steve joined the Jury and you can bet he’ll do everything possible to keep Phillip from winning should Phillip attempt to pontificate his way to the ultimate survivor. Every time Phillip opens his mouth I want to throttle him. The guy doesn’t know ditty about the “social game”. Tell me the truth, am I the only person who wants to grab him by his feathered headband and jab my finger in his chest?

I can hardly wait to see how things work out between Andrea and Matt. Just how far will “forgiveness” go with him. Stay tuned. Next week we get Survivor on Wednesday night and a full three hours on Sunday for the finale. How sweet it is!