Survivor Redemption Island – Episode 10

PHILLIP GOES RACIAL ABOUT RICE! First Phillip steals rice from the old Zapatera Tribe, and then he goes ballistic because they don’t wanna’ share their rice with him! Steve, who played professional NFL football with more blacks than whites, became the object of Phillip’s racial slurs. His illogical logic speaks solely to his racist belief about white guys. His use of the “N Word” is offensive and almost unforgiveable. The “N Word” is arguably the most offensive word in the English language, and it was Phillip saying it…not Steve! It’s a word that most people won’t even say anymore. Our ‘Chief of counter intelligence’ is basically a pain in the ass and a total loose canon.

Let’s be very clear about just how #%&!! CRAZY Phillip really is: He’s certifiably insane, batty, berserk, bonkers, cracked, cuckoo, daft, delirious, deranged, demented, dingy, flaky, flipped out, freaked out, kooky, mad, maniacal, nuts, unsound, out of his mind, out to lunch, psycho, schizo, screwy, unbalanced, unhinged, and totally wacko. The boyfriend is a loose canon and an insipid poison on the island. He’s intoxicated with his own self importance. If you’re lookin’ for pedigree in this guy, you’ll find more in an ole’ hound dog! I’m completely baffled that he’s still around. YES! He’s by far the best person to take to the final tribal. Who in their right mind would afford him a single vote! By the way, what part of Buddhist teaches havin’ fits and falling in them! I thought Buddhist was all about peace and love, and a little bit of suffering.

Rob had the best line: “Phillip managed to make a war about white rice, racial.” Julie hid his shorts, and some would say, karma got her in the butt with a vote to visit Redemption Island. However, Phillip is without his shorts, and Julie gets a reprieve from the LITTLE UGLY that Phillip parades around camp.

Julie is very capable of beating little Matt who’s ‘a broken man’. If “it’s God’s will….”Matt prays. I once put a “For Sale” sign on my ranch, believing that I needed to sell part of it to stay financially afloat. My plumber came that morning to fix the hot tub and asked about the sign. I exclaimed, “If it’s God’s will, the place will sell”. Emmett looked me straight in the eyes and remarked, “God’s will IS YOUR WILL”! I couldn’t get that sign down fast enough! And then work even harder to hold on to the farm! Matt’s getting soft in the head and weak in the heart. So, my advise to Matt is to SUCK IT UP AND HANG TUFF!

Matt and Mike both will have to “bring it” to beat Julie at Redemption Island challenges. She’s a fire-fighter and a gutsy gal. She’s a woman to be reckoned with!

David takes the first seat on the jury, as will every one who leaves the game. I guess “Phillip will never find his shorts”, and Jeff was right, “If this had been therapy, it would have been a very good session”.