Survivor Redemption Island – Episode 11

NO PLACE LEFT TO HIDE for OMETEPE and “GOD IS NOT DONE TALKING TO MATT!” Now the game finally gets interesting. Ometepe now has to start picking off their own. In truth, the last several weeks have been painfully boring as we sit by and watch the old Ometepe pick off the old Zapatera. The score right now is six to zip! That is unheard of in Survivor history. It speaks to some very tight, seamless leadership on Rob’s part. I’m still marveling at “the buddy system” concept.

Unless I’m way off base, it’s pretty clear that Andrea is next to go. The women missed their chance at a blindside. With just one Ometepe male gone, the women plus Steve and Ralph would have had the numbers. If the women let Rob convince them to give the boot to Andrea, it’s all over but the shoutin’ for them. Rob will keep Grant and Phillip very close til’ the end and if at all possible, Rob will wisely take Phillip to the final Tribal. “As long as he keeps up his stupid antics, he’ll be going with me all the way to the final”.

Rob’s a tough competitor, equal to Grant, and he has an idol. The game has now truly come down to winning immunity. If the numbers stay the same, we’ll see nine people on the jury and three finalist. Five of the jury members will be the old Zapatera. That could bode well for Matt any of the small tribe now living on Redemption Island. The jury is stacking up to be strong supporters of anyone other than an Ometepe member. Wouldn’t it be a sweet victory for all the Christians who are cheering for Matt, given that Matt makes it to the final three. If he does, he is very likely to win it all. However, I’ve heard that Matt is not planning to go to the live finale.

Phillip’s grandfather visited him again! This time he lead Phillip to his shorts. No one should mess with a ‘specialist’ by golly, cuz’ he makes his living uncovering the truth! About the only truth he’s unaware of is that he is a “frickin’ lunatic”! Hippidy-dippidy-doo-dah! Phillip found his shorts! One more week of Phillip in those baggy pink undies would have had me hurling my cookies across the room. The poor man has the social IQ of a stump. However, you can bet your sweet bippy that Phillip will be back if there is another All Stars or Idiots versus Icons!

Matt has spent three horrible weeks on Redemption Island and won six challenges. He has only had 7 days in the game. “God is literally carrying the boy along”. Hopefully Matt will get a little experience of actually playing the game because he now has a small tribe with him. However, if Andrea is right about Matt, “forgiveness” is not a part of his Christian ethic. He definitely gave Andrea the ‘stink eye’ at the challenge.

Julie joined David on the jury, and Steve and Ralph are on Redemption Island along with their buddy Chisel. Ralph pulled off some fancy footwork on the log roll, but it was still “git along little doggie” for him. Steve showed his true colors by “burying the hatchet” with pathetic Phillip. And, here’s hoping that Julie’s take on the show is enough to pull her out of foreclosure. She is an amazing woman and deserves all the help she can get.

Just for the record, will someone please tell me where they got salt for the rice and all those lounge chairs. Did I miss something along the way?