Survivor Redemption Island – Episode 9

THE GOD FATHER RULES! If I didn’t like Boston Rob so much, I’d be screaming “What the #@%!??”. Every kid in the world understands the “Buddy System”. The anchor goes deep into loyalty and trust without ever saying a word! Rob is brilliant! “You have to tell me everything. It’s my game. I’m in charge! Rob’s got ‘em on lock down! “I want ‘em to hate those guys; show some arrogance; let it be US versus THEM.

Intimidate ‘em…..not me though, cuz’ I want their votes at the end”. Rob to Phillip: “You’re at the top with me.” Then about Phillip; “Phillip is slowly becoming a loyal soldier. He’s obeying. He’ll be rewarded for that”. “I want them all to have no momentum, no edge, no power! I’m the General here, and they’re soldiers. They’re all doing as they’re told. That’s a good thing”! The boyfriend has a profound contrarian streak, and I like it!

Rob’s got a plan to take Phillip and Natalie to the final three. Rather than worrying about the “idol”, I think Rob oughta’ worry about Natalie getting the final vote,…just like Amber did! There is no question that Rob deserved to win over Amber, but he didn’t. However, he has connection and that’s the name of the game.

I’m starting to think that maybe a small tribe will build up at Redemption Island and only one of the many will be allowed back in the game at a very strategic time. If Matt wins it, Rob’s goose is cooked in the finals. Matt “named it and claimed it”. He’d be a fool to be “blind-sided” a third time. I love a guy who can suck it up. “Thank you, Lord, for this opportunity. Blessed be your name!” It’s actually fairly mature to count a kick in the pants as a “blessing” and an “opportunity”. Matt will test his God with Mike and David. I’m hopin’ he stays in the game to the end.

Grant is the most beautiful specimen of a man that I’ve seen in a very long time. Have I said that before!! Here’s the deal. Grant is gorgeous and strong, but he doesn’t like taking orders from anybody, not even the God Father. He’s capable of winning lots of challenges from here on out. If he makes it to the end, he’ll win it. I love that he speaks only when he has something to say. Wise!

The ladies of Ometepe are tuff cookies. Unless Rob starts to step up in challenges, he’ll find himself on the blindside of our little lady bow heads.

Phillip is one odd duck! He’s gotten so insane now that he’s starting to be funny. There’s no question he is the odd duck to take to the finals. Who, besides his mama would cast him a vote! The meditation with the feather “out of thin air” and the visitation by his Cherokee Grandfather has “insured that Omepete will live long in Survivor lore”! Was that an OmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMy God!

This is looking like Survivor Hilton! Check out the lounge chairs, bowls, lanterns, etc. Pleeeeeeaaase!

Oh, by the way. Mike and David went to Redemption Island. The God Father might have a “mercy killin’ in him from time to time”, but it wasn’t tonight. Steve is still in camp to fight with psycho Phillip.