Survivor Redemption Island – Episode 8

TOO BAD FOR MATTY …..THERE’S NO BIBLICAL SOLICE FOR STUPIDITY! Gotta’ give it to Matty for winning more challenges than anyone else in the game. Now all he has to do is win every single challenge right down to the final three. Then, maybe, by the Grace of God, the jury will vote him “the ultimate survivor!” “Sketchy, Flighty, Fence-riders” who think themselves to be a ‘swing vote’ are the most dangerous people in this game! In Vanuatu, we booted sweet Dolly off the island first for doing the same stupid thing. When will people get it. This game is all about ALLIANCES! It’s great to be pals with God, Matty, but it bodes a lot better to be shouldered up with smart, strong players and solid alliancesl.

Rob is friggin’ brilliant! Not only is he brilliant, he’s down to earth, easy to like, easy to talk to, and completely in charge of this game. It’s all over but the shoutin’ now. Zapatera is down two with not a prayer of winning over a single member of Ometepe. Let’s just sit back for the next several weeks and watch Ometepe pick off Mike, David, Ralph, Steve, and Julie. The most we can hope for is some pitiful promise of “being taken to the final three”. Ho Hum!

Ralph banked his one chance at staying in the game to the final eight by throwing away his idol to Chisel. I’d love to hear some of that Hill Billy slang he spewed on the beach tonight. Even a really dumb man who barely speaks the English language would have to kick himself in the butt for wasting an idol. I bet he bad mouths himself from his butt to his lame brain!

Just when I decided that Phillip had no redeeming qualities, he shows up to gently coach Matty. Lots of good it did, but at least he turned his focus off his arrogant self for brief moment. Then it was right back to acting like every word out of his mouth is profoundly important and interesting. Please! If we could just harness the hot air coming out of that disgusting gasbag, we could power the whole of China! When one is that attached to the anchor of his ego, it’s damn hard to fly! The boyfriend is simply on an adventure way outside the boundaries of sanity!

I didn’t expect my boy, Grant, to attract five votes. Gotta’ confess it left me slack jawed for a moment. I tune in each week just to pray that Phillip gets the boot and Grant wins the game. I’m also hoping that Boston Rob finds a way to stick around a long time. He can spot liars, cheaters, and bluffers from the get go. While nothing escapes him, he’s smart enough not to let on that he knows what he knows. He always knows what he thinks and how he feels. He’s solid with a keen sense of humor. He’s just downright likeable. Maybe having baby girls has made him a better man.

I followed Jeff’s Tweet tonight. How cool that he got to release some of those little baby turtles!