Survivor One World – Episode 2

BLAME IT ON THE BOOBS! The women of Salani needed the women of Vanuatu to pull off this challenge! The women of Vanuatu were BOOBS AHOY and we managed to kick butt and take names on this very same challenge. Of course, absolutely nothing….I repeat myself…NOTHING IS WORKING FOR THE WOMEN of ONE WORLD. What the #%*@!! is going…

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Survivor One World – Episode 1

THE WOMEN’S SALANI TRIBE LEAVE JEFF SLACK JAWED! The usually talkative, confrontational Jeff Probst was completely dumb founded by the cat fight between Cristina and Alicia at Tribal. Whoever told Alicia to “be herself” on this show couldn’t have given her any worse advice. Any similarity between her and a human being who should be teaching special education kids is…

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Survivor Redemption Island – Finale

Zippi Di ZappaDi Zoo! YeeHaa! Awesome! Bravo! Whooooooooooooohoooooooo! Hubba, hubba, hubba! Shazam! Woop!Woop! DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR??? At long last I am thrilled, totally satisfied, and feeling as though we have now seen how SURVIVOR IS MEANT TO BE PLAYED! Who can ever match the play of Boston Rob?!! Boston Rob never lost his focus. His head and…

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