Survivor Redemption Island – Episode 3

NOW WHO’S GAME IS IT, RUSSELL? And, who are you going to B—h Slap? Won’t we all be dancing in the streets to see the hang dog look on Russell’s face when he discovers that Steve and David bold face lied to him about the winner of the Redemption Island dual! If the upcoming mighty dual between young, physically fit Matt has anything to do with brains, Russell will be sent packin’ for good. Matt might even be able to out last Russell in a dual for the right to return to the game.

Hopefully Matt has been on his knees in the dirt, praying to the God of Second Chances! There are lots and lots of Survivor fans who would love to see Russell taken down in size and ego!

Being downright nasty takes it’s toll, Russell. I’ll bet Russell’s bitty little brain is whirling faster than Tweetie Bird, tryin’ to figure out what that “what goes around comes around to bite you in the butt!”

The mystery of Redemption Island is slowly being revealed. First of all, there was no blood, guts, or sweat dumped in the sand with the mighty duals we expected to take place. Durnit! We wanted to see some serious pushin’, shoven’ and mud wrestlin’. Maybe next time! Sticks, strings, and little rings is a far cry from the spear throwin’, slam dunkin’ challenges we see in commercials. Ho Hum!

Zapatera so wanted “some fat trimmed” from their tribe that they conspired to “throw the challenge”. The historic three way tie among the furry man Ralph, Russell and Stephanie failed to flush out the immunity idol and resulted in Russell’s overthrow. It appears that our “the stupidest player in the game”, (according to Russell) has not run his ‘smart like a rattlesnake’ mouth about having the idol. (Did Jeff even ask about the idol?) How can anyone call a farmer “Stupid” who is debt free at age 44 with two paid off homes to boot! Ralph can’t spell “Ressell”, but he’s durn sure knows not to stick his tail in cockleburs by running his mouth!

Kudo’s to Steve, David, and Mike for showing up to play the game. So what if it took an ex NFL Dallas Cowboy, and Defense Attorney, and an ex Marine to oust Russell! I’m not countin’ by chickens before they hatch, but I’m stocking up on Champagne for the party next week when Matt kicks some serious butt on Russell. I’m hopin’ it’s true that God is Good!

It was good to see “the ole’ lady firefighter” Julie get in the game. I’m hopin’ she sticks around long enough for us to get to know her.

If Matt returns, Rob will have to dance around the inevitable revenge that Matt and Andrea will wield his way. Hopefully Rob has not yet used up his tenure on the island, because I’d still like to see him finally win it all.

Finally, it’s the simple pleasures that are the key to “the good life”.

I’m personally basking along with millions of others in the simple pleasure of seeing Russell chased off the island. Ahhhhhhh….for now, it’s the good life!