Survivor Redemption Island – Episode 2

ROB LEARNED FIRST HAND,…COUPLES CAN BE POWERFUL! He might be foolin’ the pretty girls about motives to oust sweet Matt, but the truth is, Matt committed the ultimate sin. He got sucked in by a woman and Rob could see it. Personally, I think Rob is a friggin’ genius. He not only blind-sided Matt, he got Kristina to surrender the idol. He’s also got disgusting, almost intolerable Phillip groveling at his feet “owning his vote”.

Anyone who told Phillip to “just be himself” could not have given the man worse advice! Too bad there’s no vaccine for his kind of stupidity. If Phillip represents our Secret Special Agents in America, we’re all in very deep do do! Eeeeehaaaa! Didn’t ‘the animal’ come out in Phillip when he attacked that little itty bitty crab! “A Ho A! Killed with a stone”! PLLLLEEEAAASSSSSEEEE! Phillip is a complete and total nitwit who won’t even be able to travel to a foreign country to escape his reputation.

Matt’s a sweet Christian boy who’s in total awe of Rob’s ability to “see the need in everyone and fulfill those needs.” Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise, Matt will provide us with the “biggest comeback of survivor history” and make his way back into the game. It’s a tough call for me because I truly like both Francesca and Matt. Matt was a very strong physical player in the challenge and is probably needed if Ometepe is going to get back in the game.

“Hot doggie! Sweet little baby, you’re mine!” will be repeated a thousand times by Survivor fans across the world. Ralph may or may not be the dumbest person on the planet, but for certain he’s just one hair short of swingin’ through the trees like a monkey!”. Phillip may embrace the totem of a gorilla, but Ralph might really be related. If Ralph is dumb, he’s dumb like a rattlesnake and Russell proved himself to be the bold face liar he is. Ralph knows he has the clue, but Russell has no idea Ralph has the idol. Personally, I’m pullin’ for the hairy little farmer from Virginia. Hopefully he’ll keep his mouth shut and blindside Russell. Wouldn’t that be sweet! Of course, Russell has “his girls” Krista and Stephanie, and “he doesn’t need numbers to win”. Yessiree, Bob, Russell! Let’s see how that works for you this season. But then, “it’s not your first rodeo!”

The swimming challenge almost left me panting. Did everyone see Grant dive the entire length of the pool? He might be one of the best physical players in Survivor history. It’s way too early to call a winner, but I’m pullin’ for Grant to hang around a long time. He’s great eye candy and has a subtlety that bodes well in this game.

We’re just starting to see the worth of Chiesl, Julie, and David. These three characters will probably provide us hours of entertainment.

Back to Rob, I’m hoping he actually does “drag Natalie’s butt all the way to the end of the game.” I’d love to see Rob finally win Survivor.

As for young Matt…He better get down on his knees, reach deep into the cool, muddy earth, and praise God’s he’s got one more chance to play this game!