Survivor Redemption Island – Episode 1

ONE THING IS CERTAIN: “PHILLIP, THE SECRET AGENT CAN’T KEEP SECRETS! Insanity prevailed at the season’s first Tribal. Even Jeff was dumb-founded. However, it’s no surprise that the three oldest people on the Ometepe Tribe got to hear Jeff read their name at Tribal. That’s an early warning that their number is up soon.

Frisky Francesca is the first person in Survivor history to visit Redemption Island, and I’m pulling for her to return to the game. It’s a toss up to determine who has the biggest mouth; Francesca or Phillip. Francesca, Phillip, and Kristina were idiots to form such an obvious pack with so many young people in the tribe. While the three of them were huddled up making big plans to oust Boston Rob, Boston Rob was strolling down the beach with 4 beautiful women! Hello!!! Who doesn’t yet understand that “alliance” is the name of the game. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to count four women plus Rob equals a majority vote at Tribal!

About half way through the show I had to restrain myself from puking all over Phillip! How many times do we need to hear him say “I’m a former special agent!” Gag a maggot!!! Let’s also mention how insane it is for him to even slightly assume that he was the “leader” of the tribe. The look on precious Matt’s face said it all. How diplomatic of him to say, “Phillip’s ways didn’t go over so good up front”. Phillip’s life on Redemption Island is hanging by a frigging thread. And, don’t we wish he had a few more threads on those revealing underwear of his! Too bad for him that his yea-big thing-a-majig isn’t nearly as big as his mouth! Phillip is definitely the King of inappropriate in just about every category. I’m guessing his coyote ugly ways will take an early toll on his tenure in this game.

I’ve got an early crush on Grant. I’m lovin’ his Y Generation Rasta hair and his quiet, observant ways. Matt and Grant are going a long way in this show. They both go down easy like really smooth scotch.

Natalie is so star struck that she can hardly talk. However, we have to remember that our youngest player is still “a vote worth having” and it looks like Boston Rob has it so far.

Kristina was an idiot to share her idol with anyone. Did everyone just love Rob’s challenge to give it to him at Tribal. She didn’t have a clue what to do with that. However, the knowledge that she has it will keep her around a couple more times. Sandra (the double winner of Survivor) is the only person to have an idol and tell NO ONE!

Russell has a new tattoo and some chubby white legs. It’ll be fun to see who Zapatera votes out first. Of course, the strategy will be to vote off someone that can kick Francesca’s butt. However, will the winner of “redemption” be sent back to their own tribe, or the opposite tribe? This twist is going to bea doosey.

I loved the “What if moments” from Sprint. Hope they keep up that review.

The immunity challenge was classic. John Kirhoffer, the guru of challenges and the Dream Team, is an endless source of creative ways to put people through hell. Gotta’ love the guy!

Jeff is still the cutest thing in town and his dimples seem to have gotten bigger and deeper. Already my mind is whirling faster than Tweety Bird about this season. It’s great to have a twist that makes us pant hard for the next episode.