Dr. Scout Cloud Lee
Season 22 - Redemption Island

Season 22 - Redemption Island

Survivor Redemption Island: Finale

Zippi Di ZappaDi Zoo! YeeHaa! Awesome! Bravo! Whooooooooooooohoooooooo! Hubba, hubba, hubba!



Survivor Redemption Island: Episode 14

MISTAKES HAVE BEEN MADE AND TONIGHT WAS ONE OF THEM! There’s ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, and large seeds in avocados. But the worst mistake ever was voting Grant off the show! The most beautiful person to play this game got ousted. For the first time, I’m on my knees begging the Great Do Dah, Ga Ga to spare Grant at Redemption Island. PLEASE LET GRANT BACK IN THIS GAME!!!



Survivor Redemption Island: Episode 12

BOSTON ROB RULES THE ROOST! MIKE MAKES A MIGHTY MOVE! And, ANDREA’S OFF TO MAKE PEACE WITH MATT. While there was, once again, no surprises, tonight’s episode was one of the season’s best. First of all, this immunity challenge was by far the most physically challenging of any challenge ever. Running up and down steep stairs, carrying heavy boards, had to be skull numbing. Boston Rob got a hold of my heart tonight with his deep love for Amber and his children. Even mighty Grant couldn’t out perform Rob in his intense drive to win immunity for his family. He wants it bad.


Survivor Redemption Island: Episode 11

NO PLACE LEFT TO HIDE for OMETEPE and “GOD IS NOT DONE TALKING TO MATT!” Now the game finally gets interesting. Ometepe now has to start picking off their own. In truth, the last several weeks have been painfully boring as we sit by and watch the old Ometepe pick off the old Zapatera. The score right now is six to zip! That is unheard of in Survivor history. It speaks to some very tight, seamless leadership on Rob’s part. I’m still marveling at “the buddy system” concept.



Survivor Redemption Island: Episode 10

PHILLIP GOES RACIAL ABOUT RICE! First Phillip steals rice from the old Zapatera Tribe, and then he goes ballistic because they don’t wanna’ share their rice with him! Steve, who played professional NFL football with more blacks than whites, became the object of Phillip’s racial slurs. His illogical logic speaks solely to his racist belief about white guys. His use of the “N Word” is offensive and almost unforgiveable. The “N Word” is arguably the most offensive word in the English language, and it was Phillip saying it…not Steve! It’s a word that most people won’t even say anymore. Our ‘Chief of counter intelligence’ is basically a pain in the ass and a total loose canon.


Survivor Redemption Island: Episode 9

THE GOD FATHER RULES! If I didn’t like Boston Rob so much, I’d be screaming “What the #@%!??”. Every kid in the world understands the “Buddy System”. The anchor goes deep into loyalty and trust without ever saying a word! Rob is brilliant! “You have to tell me everything. It’s my game. I’m in charge! Rob’s got ‘em on lock down! “I want ‘em to hate those guys; show some arrogance; let it be US versus THEM.


Survivor Redemption Island: Episode 8

TOO BAD FOR MATTY …..THERE’S NO BIBLICAL SOLICE FOR STUPIDITY! Gotta’ give it to Matty for winning more challenges than anyone else in the game. Now all he has to do is win every single challenge right down to the final three. Then, maybe, by the Grace of God, the jury will vote him “the ultimate survivor!” “Sketchy, Flighty, Fence-riders” who think themselves to be a ‘swing vote’ are the most dangerous people in this game! In Vanuatu, we booted sweet Dolly off the island first for doing the same stupid thing. When will people get it. This game is all about ALLIANCES! It’s great to be pals with God, Matty, but it bodes a lot better to be shouldered up with smart, strong players and solid alliancesl.



Survivor Redemption Island: Episode 7

“HOW DO I LOVE ME? LET ME COUNT THE WAYS!” (By Pitiful Pathetic, Putrescent Phillip). OK, fans. I’ve hit my wall on Phillip! He’s a disgusting blend of Johnny Foul Play and Rotten Russell. Rob nailed him: “He’s the most unaware person I’ve ever met”. Ben Franklin said it best. “A man wrapped up in himself makes a very small bundle.” (As proven by his ever so small whatchamacallit that he likes to show us every week). The man has the social IQ of a stump. He totally sucks the shine out of the sun. He could strangle a lizard with all the dust he kicks up about his narcissistic, delusional self. If we could, all but his Mama, would be throwing rotten eggs and tomatoes at him. He’s the most disgusting pack rat of conceited filth to ever gag a maggot. He’s a complete mental case! He’s intoxicated with extreme delusions of grandeur.


Survivor Redemption Island: Episode 6

HERE’S HOPING GOD’S TOO BUSY IN JAPAN TO CARE ABOUT A LOUSEY GAME OF TABLE MAZE! Hey Fans, if we’re all gonna’ pray for “God’s Will to be done” let’s Abba Dabba Do and Shazam Phillip right off that island! In fact, let’s give him his own planet far, far, far away! Was that an AMEN!!



Survivor Redemption Island: Episode 4

TONIGHT THERE’S REJOICING ON PLANET EARTH! "Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall." Praise the Lord, Hallelujah, Amen! RUSSELL BIT THE DUST! The Grand Master of Karma must have laughed out loud to watch sweet Matt’s dominos fall. Didn’t mighty mouse Russell just give us all a “Beetles come to America Girl” kinda’ performance….weep openly, clutch cheeks, and cover eyes. PLEEEEEAAASSSSEEE! Gag a maggot, Russell! “You’re the professional Quarterback playing with the pee wee league”. You’re killin’ us, Russell! To finish first, you must first finish! Ho Hum!



Survivor Redemption Island: Episode 3

NOW WHO’S GAME IS IT, RUSSELL? And, who are you going to B---h Slap? Won’t we all be dancing in the streets to see the hang dog look on Russell’s face when he discovers that Steve and David bold face lied to him about the winner of the Redemption Island dual! If the upcoming mighty dual between young, physically fit Matt has anything to do with brains, Russell will be sent packin’ for good. Matt might even be able to out last Russell in a dual for the right to return to the game.



Survivor Redemption Island: Episode 1

ONE THING IS CERTAIN: “PHILLIP, THE SECRET AGENT CAN’T KEEP SECRETS! Insanity prevailed at the season’s first Tribal. Even Jeff was dumb-founded. However, it’s no surprise that the three oldest people on the Ometepe Tribe got to hear Jeff read their name at Tribal. That’s an early warning that their number is up soon.


Survivor Redemption Island: Episode 2

ROB LEARNED FIRST HAND,…COUPLES CAN BE POWERFUL! He might be foolin’ the pretty girls about motives to oust sweet Matt, but the truth is, Matt committed the ultimate sin. He got sucked in by a woman and Rob could see it. Personally, I think Rob is a friggin’ genius. He not only blind-sided Matt, he got Kristina to surrender the idol. He’s also got disgusting, almost intolerable Phillip groveling at his feet “owning his vote”.