Dr. Scout Cloud Lee

The past two years

For the past two years, Scout has been the Team Development Coach for the Chickasaw Nation Division of Commerce.

In this position Dr. Lee is fortunate to be able to:


Coach Teams Directly (Facilitate Team Retreats and Team Building Sessions)

  • Identify STRENGTHS in team members
  • Coach employees toward peak performance in areas of their strengths
  • Optimize the value that each team member brings to the mission of the team
  • Recommend combinations of team members to maximize performance
  • Assist teams in identifying Roles & Responsibilities
  • Assist teams in developing Team Pacts
  • Guide teams in developing Customer Service Agreements
  • Help management teams develop their own Leadership Service Agreements
  • Assist teams in developing their Communication Plans
  • Guide teams in projecting suggestions for improvement: WHAT IF’S
  • Assess teams in their progress through their own team tools
  • Facilitate the development of Team Goals
  • Jump Start new or re-designed teams
  • Provide Team Tune Ups and Team Maintenance
  • Develop Great Performance Skills (GPS) for Team Outcomes

Scout has also attended THE REALITY RALLY for Reality Stars in Temecula, California.

She is often called on to deliver motivational speeches. She recently delivered the convocation speech for graduation at Perkins High school in Perkins, Oklahoma.

Scout writes a blog for CBS Survivor which is delivered to CBS, Tulsa, the Perkins News, and the Ada Evening News.

When Scout is not working in the field she can be found in her home office with her dogs. Or, she may be in the pasture riding her horses.