Dr. Scout Cloud Lee

KeynoteDr. Scout Cloud Lee is a breathtakingly inspirational, motivational entertainer. She recently starred as a Castaway on CBS's # 1 reality show, Survivor Vanuatu. Her performance modeled integrity, grit and outstanding interpersonal skills. She lived up to her reputation as an incredible "tracker" and "promoter" of human excellence. Application of her tested and proven formula for "living your dreams" resulted in her being selected from a field of 250,000 applicants for the show. When a director of the Smithsonian Institute met Scout on a set he exclaimed,..." I would cast your image in bronze and stand it in the Smithsonian to represent 'The Spirit of the Pioneering Woman in America today!"

As a speaker, author, storyteller, singer, songwriter, rancher and corporate executive she brings her life experience to the stage and offers a spellbinding, uplifting performance. Audiences are actively engaged and inspired to tap their personal excellence. Scout was an Olympic torchbearer and lives the slogan of "light the fire within". Her boundless energy and innate enthusiasm for life sparks audiences to "catch the fire" of their own spirit. She quickly transforms audiences into the stars of the show, alive, vital and in step with the message and music she presents.

Scout draws from her Survivor television experience, 39 days on a deserted island with no food or shelter provided, to set the stage for her presentation. She knows all about "pulling herself up by the bootstraps". She has survived divorce, bankruptcy, artificial knee replacements and terminal cancer, to become a "Master of Celebration" and a stunning feminine model of "LIVING YOUR DREAMS". Her elegance, radiance, contagious wit, and remarkable sense of humor light up any stage as she encourages audiences to accomplish the dreams of their heart. Her re-sounding message for the 21st Century is how to joyfully "Survive and Thrive".

Scout is more than an expert on "how to" LIVE YOUR DREAMS. She also has charisma and that special ability to walk on stage and grab any audience until all you can hear is the sound of the audience breathing. She is a motivational master with stage presence, courage, charisma, and a moving message. Described as spellbinding, she weaves together original stories, songs, art, and costuming to bring forth the excellence in each person. Audiences comment on how exhilarated, up-lifted and inspired they feel after one of her performances. They have a fabulous time and they leave with applicable knowledge that assists them in their professional and personal lives. If you want to receive rave reviews from all diverse audience members you will love Dr. Scout Cloud Lee.

Her many years of success as a professor, renowned international corporate trainer, top executive and rancher provide an incredible base of academic and experiential knowledge to assist her in providing "food for the soul". Scout is a world-traveled performer and respected Peace Elder. She draws from her mixed cultural roots to honor diversity and promote the vision of peace on our planet.

Scout walks her talk! She picked up a hammer and built her own Hogan-style home, ranch house, cabins, and ceremonial village. She excelled in Survivor. She repeatedly manifests her dreams. She is internationally known for creating and teaching the "Excellence Principle". The results produced from people utilizing this model have been heralded both nationally and internationally. Her trainings and presentations invite audiences to take "THE CHALLENGE OF EXCELLENCE" as she teaches them the skills necessary for "TRACKING EXCELLENCE".

KeynoteAuthor of eleven books and hundreds of articles on human excellence, peak performance and re-spiriting individual and organizations, Dr. Lee has been featured on documentaries and television specials by all major television networks. She has also been interviewed by major newspapers and leading radio shows. One of her recent books, The Circle is Sacred, openly presents ancient wisdoms and contemporary spirituality as a vital part of re-spiriting individuals and organizations in the new millennium. Her current book, Sworn to Fun, Celebrate Every Little Thing offers daily inspirational tips for living a joy filled life. Scout is often called a female Will Rogers because she presents her truths in a riveting, yet simple, down-home style.

In the last few years, Scout has added her own original "Global Gypsy Rock and Country Funk Music" to her motivational shows. Her music is up-beat, toe-tappin'... and deeply moving in its message. Scout's latest albums, Mountain Movin' Medicine, Love Medicine, Home on the Ranch, and Cloud 9 offer encouraging messages for celebrating life in the 21st Century.

Scout has entertained and inspired over 2,500 audiences, extending in range from the American Education Societies, The American Women in Radio and Television, IBM International, Kimberly Clark, Federal Highway Administration, Ford Motor Company, Department of Transportation, Chickasaw Nation,The Seminole Nation, The Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association, Federal Aviation Administration, American Camping Association and countless others. Her title Moto-edu-tainer represents her natural ability to motivate, educate and entertain audiences from all walks of life. Her basis of appeal extends from keynoting IBM International to corporate training in Washington, D.C., while writing and performing music globally.


Scout Cloud Lee Scout Cloud Lee

Those who have experienced Scout have this to say:

"Visually, if you had to draw her (Scout), it would be almost like a tree standing there with her branches wide open saying, 'Come to me.' She very much fit into the Vanuatu scene in terms of spirituality. She wasn't joking. She brought a bit of fresh air. She wasn't a cynic. She was an optimist."

Jeff Probst, Survivor host, Tulsa World

Experiencing Scout "First hand" through several elements on her ranch, I know her heart for others is uplifting and pure!!!

Richard Burkhart, Producer and CEO of DreaMakers, Inc. in Los Angeles

Scout is without a doubt one of my very favorite Survivors of all time. While on location in Vanuatu, I felt she had an aura around her all the time and consistently was putting out a very positive vibe. I was constantly impressed with how hard she competed in the most difficult of challenges. Giving less than 100% is never an option with Scout. Against all odds, Scout made it to be one of the final three contestants, and although I am supposed to be a strictly objective observer and judge...I couldn't help but be "proud" of her and her accomplishment. I felt a kindred spirit with Scout as her love of God, country and of all people is infectious and inspirational. John Kirhoffer, Survivor Director of Challenges

"Scout is a true one of a kind. An absolute original with a great sense of humor about herself. She's full of all kinds of little bits of wisdom. She actually made me a better host during her stay on Survivor. JEFF PROBST, in regards to SCOUT April 1, 2005

“WOW! Fantastic, best of the conference. Great motivational speaker! Excellent choice to close the conference. Awesome! Totally amazing life’s story. Entertaining with great bits of wisdom. Bring her hack next year!”

Western Region Education Service Alliance State Conference in North Carolina

“Scout is the soulful elder, earthy, crunchy and as much a matriarch as she can be....”

San Francisco Chrinicle


"I would cast your image in bronze and stand it in the Smithsonian to represent the pioneering woman in America today!" --Director of the Smithsonian Institute

"Scout Cloud Lee is deliciously mad, maddeningly exquisite, exquisitely demanding, demandingly rigorous, rigorously challenging, and challengingly excellent!" --Director of the Canadian Psychiatric Association

"Scout is an incredible combination of Milton Erickson, Moshe Feldenkrais, Tony Robbins, and Will Rogers! She does the most powerful change work available today!" --Corporate Executive and Author

"Scout is the most PASSIONATE, alive, fluid, flexible entertainer I've seen in a long time, and I've worked with lots of them". --New York Producer/Director

"Since meeting Scout Cloud Lee I'm convinced she is the Johnny Appleseed of the 21st Century. She plants the seeds of knowledge so that every child of the universe can pluck its fruit from the heartiest of life's twigs. Ultimately, these children become a part of the network of roots that beautify the complexion of Mother Earth". --Television Scriptwriter and Playwright

"The greatest influence of love comes from those whose search for knowledge and truth is never-ending, and whose eagerness to share is everlasting. Thank you, Scout!" --Female Corporate Executive

"Lovely to look at, delightful to hear, Scout Cloud Lee inspires her listeners with the pioneering spirit of our common ancestry. She feeds the soul which recognizes its creator no matter what the name." --Writer and Senior Citizen

"Dr. Lee's writings send me to a place not made with human hands. I class it with the Bible, The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran, and At The Feet of The Master by Krishnamurti." --Retired Military Officer

"Scout's music is uplifting, toe-tapping, and finger-snapping. Unlike most performers, her live performances far exceed her studio sound. Scout's music is passionate, a mix between Janis Joplin and Stevie Nicks!" --Music Review

Heralded as the Best Keynote Speaker on the Planet, Dr. Scout Cloud Lee is simply spellbinding.