Dr. Scout Cloud Lee

The Twins

Scout was born in Tampa, Florida and is the oldest of identical twins. As a Castaway on Survivor Vanuatu, Olympic Torch Bearer and a successful entrepreneur she inspires each person to "catch the fire of their spirit". In all settings she affirms her vision of peace on our planet. Her ancestry is a blend of guts and courage... an American pioneering woman for sure. Known as the "World's Best Friend" and a "cheerleader for the human spirit" her teachings value and celebrate the gifts of diversity. She has dedicated her life to being a vessel for Spirit.

Scout is the founder and CEO of Vision Us, Inc., a Management Development Center to explore Human Excellence. As founder of the Magical Child Foundation, Inc., an educational non-profit, she promotes peace through play. In addition she is an internationally known keynote speaker, trainer, corporate coach, author, and singer-songwriter. She delights in being alive and by example stimulates others to know and live their passion.

Cloud Sitting

As an artist and builder she has constructed homes, and a retreat site that was called a "mecca for life-altering play". Her love of nature is reflected in the beauty of all the land and structures.

Dr. Lee's academic and professional accomplishments are extensive. Briefly stated Dr. Lee has degrees in Theology, Counseling, and Higher Education. Professionally her experience includes leadership positions in the areas of therapeutic recreation, graduate curriculum development, extensive research projects, and as the Chief Executive Officer of Vision Us, Inc. As a professor for many years in leading Universities, Dr. Lee created and set the standards for Leisure Counseling and Accessibility for the Handicapped. She has written and received funding for large federal and private grants. Author of eleven books and hundred of articles, her writings range from highly technical books published by Prentice-Hall and Simon & Schuster to a book of spiritual teachings titled Sworn To Fun: Celebrating Every Little Thing to this "The Circle Is Sacred, published by Council Oak Books.

Cloud Younger Green Background

As an entertainer/singer-songwriter she brings her message through music that is inspirational and soul moving. Traveling throughout the world as a highly acclaimed key-note speaker and corporate training consultant, Scout utilizes her intuitive knowledge to tap and elicit audiences' finest excellence. In all settings she is known as a trailblazer, forerunner, pathfinder and innovator as she dares to step through perceived horizons with dynamism and vigor. She has a keen ability to cut to the essence of a task or situation and present a solution, while others are still contemplating and focusing on the problem. Scout consistently helps others make dreams come true.

Described as candid, playful, fun-loving, indomitable, intense, courageous, passionate, decisive, dazzling, adventuresome, dynamic, wise, captivating, neighborly, open-hearted....she is truly herself...a gift of Love. For further information visit: www.visionus.com ,www.magicalchild.org, www.planetteamwork.com