Dr. Scout Cloud Lee

CoachingDr. Scout Cloud Lee inspires individuals, teams and large audiences to consistently achieve peak performance. Her ability to successfully coach herself and others was recently demonstrated as she shined as a Castaway on Survivor Vanuatu, CBS's leading reality series. Utilizing the "Excellence Principle" ™ Dr. Lee teaches the tracking ™ skills necessary to dissect, grow, repeat and transfer excellence. Outcome oriented, she is noted for achieving documented desired results!

The following are results participants can plan on accomplishing: Increased Profits

  • Better utilization of individual and team talents
  • Development and application of precision teaming skills
  • Positive, desired outcomes
  • Energized team spirit
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Clearer communication

CoachingIn all settings Dr. Lee utilizes a "Do It" model, rich with experiential activities and learning situations. Her presentations excite, engage and propel audience members toward successful peak performance.

Participants report increased abilities to:

  • Excel & Lead
  • Promote a vision
  • Satisfy customers
  • Balance their lives
  • Increase profits
  • Retain top talent

Participants also report using the Excellence Principle ™ tools to: Maintain accountability

  • Provide quality feed-back
  • Increase fun and profit

CoachingDr. Lee has motivated top executives and teams from organizations such as Federal Highway Administration - FHWA, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Chickasaw Nation, ITT, Ford Motor Co., United States Postal Service, Federal Aviation Administration, Universities, American Association for Women in Television, IBM International and many, many more.

Participants say this about Scout:

"I've been in this business many years. After today, I can say I have truly seen transformation." --Director of Manufacturing

"Thank you for allowing and motivating us to see outside of our boxes. I thank God for putting people like you on this Earth." --University Student Leader

"Thanks again...you have somehow figured how to wrangle a rather diverse group of egos into feeling like a coherent unit...hope you get a chance to do it again." --Director of Professional Development

"Over the years I've met a lot of contractors and many are very good, but when we managed to get you all we really hit pay dirt." --Director - Training & Development

Her teachings have been featured through documentaries and television specials on ABC, NBC & CBS, Turner Broadcasting, Public Television and Global Television.