Dr. Scout Cloud Lee

Shazam! The FormulaShazam! The Formula delivering WOW starts with great leaders who care and mentors who are focused on ensuring the success of each employee.

Sworn to FunSworn to Fun! welcomes readers to a world where magic is practical and everything is possible. This captivating book offers a daily inspirational reading as well as an enriching story at the beginning of each month.

The Circle is Sacred Dr. Scout Lee's most recent and personal book, The Circle Is Sacred, is an introduction to the practice of principles connecting us to spirit and the structure of rituals that keep this connection alive and vibrant. Drawing on ancient wisdom and contemporary spirituality, this illustrated book provides a host of resources to link the reader with their own power. Included are chapters on honoring the Circle, making drums and rattles, making prayers bundles, ritual cleansing, music, dance, sacred acts, games, creating altars and other sacred spaces, storytelling, dreamstalking, and earth etiquette. This guide to ceremony is the outgrowth of gathering of medicine women from around the world, and is augmented with words of wisdom from these women.

“(This book) sends me to a place not made with human hands. I class it with the Bible, The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran, and At The Feet of the Master by Krishnamurti.”
--Miles Armstrong

“Scout Lee is a PLAYFUL SPIRIT living her vision and inspiring other to live theirs. . . EXCELLENT!”
--Sheldon Wagner, M.D.

The Challenge of ExcellenceAnother book,The Challenge of Excellence, is a provocative, challenging and playful look at transformation in our high tech society. It gives a step by step process in which personal “patterns of Excellence” may be elicited and installed as a daily program of living. It has sophisticated information on body language and its marriage to the mental process. It is also a new way of thinking about the challenges of life that we experience every day. Using the principles of NeuroLinguistic Programming, The Challenge of Excellence shows the interconnection between the mind and the body and our capacity for learning patterns of excellence. Dr. Lee’s teachings are also available in the following ways: C.D.’s , “Mountain Movin’ Medicine”, “Love Medicine”, by attending her camps, as a key-note speaker, as a corporate trainer, and through her teaching tool, Trak Paks.