Dr. Scout Cloud Lee

MusicScout Cloud Lee creates music that is a festive, high-energy, celebration of life. In the mid 80’s Scout turned her attention to the field of entertainment and has proven to be as prolific a songwriter and singer as she has been a motivational speaker, author and master trainer. Scout’s down-home style of celebrating life on our glorious planet has produced a new sound that has been titled “Global Entertainment”. The songs she writes and sings illustrate her passion for fun, fulfilling dreams and living in harmony with all life. A masterful lyricist, her music elevates our human spirit and provides a grounded, heartfelt vision for our future.

She provides a musical blend of American Native, country, rap, soul, gospel, blues and rock & roll - an intriguing mix accentuated with indigenous instruments, traditional electric and acoustic guitars, piano and shakers. Her music is described as toe-tappin’, soul moving, high-spirited, feel good tunes.

Scout has recorded four albums: one in Nashville, and three in her home state of Oklahoma. Her most recent albums are Mountain Movin’ Medicine, Love Medicine, and Home on the Ranch. If you like music that awakens your spirit, makes you smile and lets your body move, then you will love Scout’s music.  Check out Scout Music at http://www.scoutcloudleemusic.com